We live in a world where social media has the power to influence advocacy and change. Currently, Pakistani celebrities are using their platforms to voice concerns over the government’s inadequate management of resources. Recently, celebrities Rabya Kulsoom and Bilal Qureshi have expressed their discontent with the ongoing issues surrounding electricity, water, and gas shortages that are affecting millions across the country.

Celebrities Rabya Kulsoom and Bilal Qureshi Speak Against Government

Bilal Qureshi is known for his roles in popular Urdu dramas. He took to Instagram to share his frustrations regarding frequent load shedding. Plus the rising cost of utility bills. In his story, he highlighted the inconvenience and distress caused by these power outages. He shares how they disrupt daily life and make it challenging for people to work and live comfortably.

“It’s high time the government addresses these issues,” he wrote, reflecting the sentiment of countless citizens who are fed up with the lack of reliable electricity. Moreover, he ended his note by mentioning how quick the system is to bill them.

celebrities attack government

Rabya Kulsoom is another renowned celebrity in the Pakistani entertainment industry. She too has also been vocal about the government’s failure to provide essential resources. Rabya took to her social media to criticize the persistent lack of light, water, and gas.

She shared how these shortages severely impact the quality of life. “How are we supposed to live without basic amenities?” she asked the government in her story. Rabya and Bilal both are putting in their best efforts to urge the authorities to take immediate action.

The government’s inability to address these issues, let alone implement new policies regarding them has become frustrating. The right to basic necessities such as electricity, gas, and water, has made life in Pakistan difficult to manage.

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