Plastic surgery has been a hot topic in Pakistan for the past decade. Despite initial apprehensions about its acceptance in an Islamic country, it found its niche quickly within the fashion and entertainment industries. Actors Shagufta Ejaz and model-turned-actor Iffat Omar are one of those who have been vocal about their experiences with it.

Although morning shows are an easier approach to familiarising the masses, with cosmetic surgery, it is yet to pick up momentum in rural areas. While it may not have been fully normalised yet, it has certainly made its way into the public consciousness.

But with every new trend or wave, challenges and concerns arise, and cosmetic surgery is no exception. This begs the question: Why are we so quick to dish out criticism?

1. Getting Real About Personal Choices

First and foremost, we must recognize that plastic surgery, be it cosmetic or reconstructive, is a deeply personal decision. A celebrity has the right to privacy and freedom of expression just as much as any human does. Unfortunately, the masses are generally not kind.

The masses often take upon themselves to school celebrities on their supposed ‘right’ way of life. Most say that anyone who is a public figure should be open to all sorts of criticism as they, too, are influencing the lives across the country.

2. False Expectations and Unrealistic Beauty Standards

The fashion industry is now actively campaigning to break the cycle of unrealistic beauty standards. Plastic surgery goes against the tide.

While it may be tempting to opt for quick fixes at the plastic surgeon’s, it isn’t sustainable for the masses. As if glutathione wasn’t enough to fuel discrimination and insecurities related to natural complexions, a variety of procedures have gotten quite popular, including facelifts, brow/forehead lifts, eyelid lifts, hair replacement surgery, nose reshaping, chin, cheek, or jaw reshaping via facial implants, lip and breast augmentation, breast lift, and liposuction. This makes it an emotionally challenging decision, not only to undergo but also to endorse.

3. Lower Return on Investment for the Average Person

An average person wouldn’t get the return on investment (ROI) as significant as it is for celebrities. Celebrities opt for these enhancements to maintain their position and success in the industry over the long term.

4. Some Trends Are Just Fads

The masses are quick at playing judge and jury based on appearances. but the same masses do not resonate with the fads we see nowadays. It appears that they’re too high fashion and expensive for the general masses.

5. Where’s the disclaimer?

Plastic surgery comes with a lot of complications and potential errors. However, these downsides often remain unaddressed in celebrity posts.

When a celebrity undergoes a procedure, there’s rarely a disclaimer for the masses to proceed with caution. The glimpses celebrities share can be misleading and do not always portray an authentic experience.

Shagufta Ejaz got candid about her recent experience with Botox on her YouTube channel in September 2023.

As Pakistani and Muslim audiences, let’s strive to create an environment of acceptance and tolerance. Actresses, like all individuals, deserve respect and the space to make choices about their bodies without facing undue scrutiny. The masses deserve to know sufficient information about the pros and cons of these procedures, as well as the harsh realities, from the same celebrities who may glorify such surgeries —or at the very least, a disclaimer should accompany these discussions. In the world of plastic surgery, it’s time to be more open, informed, and empathetic.

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