Women, the most undervalued creation in the eye of the world, yet the most powerful human being that possesses the potential to conquer everything that comes their way. These delightful souls have the ability to make everyone’s life better just by being in it. Whether she is a housewife, a sister, a working woman, or a full-time mother; she is making a significant contribution to our lives and for that, she needs to be cherished.

This International Women’s Day, Habib Oil is honoring all women on their special occasion with a message of love and appreciation. Their recent campaign is focused on all the superwomen “Jo har zimmaydari bakhoobi nibhati hai. Isilie kehte hain harr kamyabi k peche aik aurat ka hath hota hai.” Just a little gesture of love and appreciation goes a long way especially for the women.

HOM’s message this year is profound as always. It is crucial to take care of these selfless ladies with Habib’s pure and double refined cooking oil, made with 100% natural ingredients and Vitamins A, D, and E which help in building stronger bones and teeth formation just like the bond we all share with our special ladies. Grab a bottle from a wide range of Habib cooking oil with convenient and easy-to-pour packaging, show your love and culinary skills through food, appreciate their presence in your life that sometimes we take for granted.

This year, let us all commit to acknowledging, appreciating, and supporting women every day. Anything we do for them must come from the heart because they deserve nothing less. Akhir, ye dil ka mamla hai.


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