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The online Gifting Industry is one of the contributors to the growth of Pakistani E-commerce space and is set to take a larger pie in the overall market in the coming future. Propelled by online digital transformation, increasing internet and smart-phone penetration, the market has witnessed tremendous growth in the last few years.

Being the Largest Courier Service in Pakistan, Leopards Courier Services launched its Gifting Service a few years back, by the names of “GiftWifts which has by now become one of the main Service segments for the company.

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38 years ago, a small business idea that started its journey from 5 destinations with distributing letters and documents, is now transformed into one of the Largest Courier Services in Pakistan with over 700+ Express Centers, handling over 90 million packages a year, with over 1500+ Locations across Pakistan & over 2200 Destinations Worldwide, with over 4000+ Vehicles fleet and with over 7,000+ Leopards family members serving Customers, individuals, small businesses, large corporations, with services designed to meet all Courier, Logistics & Supply Chain related requirements.

Adding to the huge line of Logistics Management services is the Gifting Segment, whereby thousands of the Corporate Clients avail the offer of Bulk-supply of Cakes, Chocolates, and other items to their families, friends and clients thereof, especially on special occasions such as New Year. All they have to do is to share the list of their customers with the representative of Leopards Courier and the rest is taken care off by the GiftWifts team, which is the gifting segment of Leopards Courier. Thousands of happy customers over the years have availed this facility and the one-window solution is swift, easy and brings smiles all around. Pricing is very reasonable and very competitive with other gifting services available in the market.

A personalized gift is primarily curated for your dearest ones for their special days, not just materialistic but wrapped with emotions and affection. This rising trend of personalized gifts has augmented the entire online gift industry. A large number of Pakistani consumers is now technologically updated and look forward to receive optimal services that are convenient and economical. Surging consumer aspirations also mean people expect to make the gifts personal by adding exclusivity factor to it.

Personalized gifts are customer-centric, adhering to the preferences and choices of the recipient.

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On this New Year, GiftWifts service by Leopards Courier rejuvenates the strong bonds that pre-existed for the longest period. Leopards Courier Services team is ambitious enough to deliver more passionately on the year-end to set a new level for the next year. The customers are happy with the service that they have offered for a long time. On this New Year, everyone can send gifts to their loved ones through Leopard Courier Services. They understand the emotional value behind the package that is sent across the globe. Undoubtedly, Leopards Courier Services are the best delivery service available that is always there to help. It is the same case for a family member to send things to their loved ones and the businessmen to send important documents to different businesses and clients.

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