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Owners of the Pixel 6 series should be cautious about performing factory resets on their devices due to a newly surfaced bug. This bug, reported by a growing number of users, can potentially brick your phone, rendering it inoperable.

Reports from the Pixel Community

In recent days, many users have posted on Google’s Pixel Phone help community, reporting that their Pixel 6, Pixel 6 Pro, and Pixel 6a phones became bricked after attempting a factory reset. One thread, which started on June 23, described a user’s device getting stuck on a boot screen with an error message that only allowed it to return to recovery mode. This thread quickly gained traction, with several others sharing similar experiences.

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The issue garnered enough attention that Google stepped in to confirm that it is a known bug. However, the company has yet to provide a detailed explanation of the cause or specify which software versions are affected. Notably, one user reported experiencing the problem while on a May build of Android, indicating that the issue is not limited to the latest updates. Additionally, users on the Android Beta subreddit have also reported bricked devices, suggesting that the bug may affect both stable and beta builds.

Lack of a Fix

As of now, Google has not released a fix for this issue. The absence of a solution or clear guidelines on avoiding the problem leaves Pixel 6 series users in a precarious position. Without knowing which software versions or conditions trigger the bug, users are advised to avoid performing factory resets until a fix is available.

Given the severity of the bug, Pixel 6, Pixel 6 Pro, and Pixel 6a owners should take precautionary measures. Avoid factory resetting your device until Google issues a resolution. If you encounter problems that you believe necessitate a factory reset, consider reaching out to Google support for guidance before proceeding.

Awaiting Updates

We will continue to monitor this situation closely and provide updates as soon as Google releases more information or a fix for the bug. In the meantime, exercise caution with your Pixel 6 series device to avoid the risk of bricking it.

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This critical bug serves as a reminder of the potential risks associated with software updates and device resets. While Google works on a solution, Pixel 6 series users should be extra careful and stay informed through official channels for any new developments.

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