Growing up in the 90s might have been the best decade to grow up in especially in terms of cartoons! Waking up super early to catch Disney Hour, Tom & Jerry and Captain Planet, was indeed the best feeling ever!

However, growing up today, in Pakistan, is a completely different story. Ever since technology has advanced, kids now seem to be showing more interest in the latest gadgets, social media platforms and well, TikTok.

Kids nowadays will never truly understand how it was back then and the fuzzy feeling we still get when we have those flashbacks. Ah, good ole days! Speaking of which, a recent Twitter trend #CartoonsWeWantBack started trending on Tuesday morning and Pakistanis were seen pouring in their suggestions!

Here’s what they had to say!

This hurts.

CHOWDER!! *Goes cries in the corner*


Honestly, Looney Tunes, Rugrats, The Simpsons and  was most probably everyone’s favorite!

We need some action too! 

Did Nostalgia just hit you? I’m sure it did. Let us know which cartoons do you want to see on your screens once again to relive those good ole, golden days!

I’ll just go and cry in the corner and wait for these to hit our sreens again

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