Indus Corolla and cars older than 20 years
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It is said that if you take good care of a car, it is going to give you years of service. Not only will it not give you any big expenditures but will actually benefit you in the long run. In Pakistan, the value of a car retains itself even as it grows older. Even now, cars from 2002 would still be tagged at an affordable price.

Now, imagine if we go back twenty years from now, even more than that. Do you think there are any cars present today, that old, that are still worth buying? We are here to tell you, that yes, there are still such old cars that are worth buying in 2023. These are worth buying not just for enthusiasts, but also for people looking for an affordable car on a budget.

1. Honda Cars – Civic SI 1997/98

This was the vehicle that really gave Honda its known fame and recognition. Its build quality was highly impressive, with a robust engine and a powerful transmission. This is one of the cars that is still seen being driven in pristine conditions. Where a Honda Civic might lack for in fuel economy in the city, it makes up for it in power and acceleration. Its road grip is impressive.

Honda civic and cars older
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2. Indus Corolla 1997/98

Of course, we cannot make this list without the crown prince of 90s cars. Not only does it have a powerful body, but it houses a high performance engine with comfortable seating and a beautiful interior. It handles without worry on rugged terrain and is often seen as an off-road vehicle as well. You can never go wrong with an Indus Corolla if looking at cars older than 20 years. It is still worth buying today!

Corolla and 20 year old cars
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3. Suzuki Cars – Khyber 1990-1998

If there is an old car present in Pakistan that is used the most as a project car, its Suzuki Khyber. We would also include Daihatsu Charade on this list but we feel it might be too old of a vehicle to find in a good condition often. The Suzuki Khyber houses 1 Liter engine but people have often boosted its performance to beyond what 1.3 liter engines product. It is a reliable vehicle with readily available spare parts and a huge resale market.

Khyber and other vehicles
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4. Toyota Crown 1987-1996

Where we talked about the crown prince of cars, we cannot leave out the king. An absolutely luxurious car of its time, the models that are mentioned here are some of the most beautiful ones. If has features that are still not present in cars that were manufactured in 2023. You drive this car and you feel it is the epitome of comfort, stability and robustness. it is worth buying in 2023, but you might have to search hard for spare parts.

Toyota crown and old ones
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These cars are not only extremely reliable today, but they are high performance vehicles that have a lot of capacity to improve and give long years. Buying them in a decent shape and well-maintained condition would not be a bad decision.

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