Last week, Careem had created a storm by rolling out an out-of-the-box campaign called ‘The Rishta Aunty’. Some loved the idea and lauded the strategy. The rest hated it and bash the ride-hailing service. However, the whole of Pakistan was talking about the promotion and we are sure that is what Careem actually wanted!

Now, the service has made it to the news again! This time for all the wrong reasons.

Careem Commits a Fraud?

Yesterday, Careem subscribers must have received this e-mail and what a golden offer it appeared to be!

All Careem fans who had used the service in last 24 hours were allowed to avail the 20% off deal! It was a must to dine-in and the discount was valid from 24th July to 24th August.

Pizza Hut Strikes Back!

While users of the service were ecstatic to get their hands on the offer, who knew that Pizza Hut appeared clueless about this collaboration!

Naturally, the fast-food chain took immediate action and denied the availability of any such promotion!

Yikes, seems like there was a big confusion between both the brands!

A havoc has created since then on social media! Apparently, some people went to Pizza Hut to avail the deal and came out disappointed!

Finally, Careem has responded to the whole hullabaloo and revealed what actually happened!

The cat is now out of the bag! It is for sure that Careem has NOT committed any fraud. So now that Pizza Hut’s 20% off with Careem is no more, the brand has promised some more coming soon!

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