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Technological advancements are a daily task now. Despite there being so much difficulty in certain tasks, tech makes it easier. People have put their innovative minds to work many times and it pays off. The solutions they come up with are quite ingenious. However, everything may have a downside. Careem has just finished the first drone delivery of food!

That seems like quite an achievement for the company but it does raise serious questions. While it can be considered impressive, we have to see the implementation of this tech on a wider scale, that too, in Pakistan. If the company does intend to make this a norm, it is going to require a lot more than a hearty effort. let us dive into the details of what Careem is up to.

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The Delivery Drone By Careem

According to sources, the company has a deal going about. On certain deals, they may surprise you with a drone. The deals we are referring to go by the name of ‘Khana Hungama’ deals. If you order anything worth less than Rs.499/-, a drone may surprise you. Yes, you might open your front door to be greeted by a mechanical device. While it is certainly innovative, there are certain drawbacks. We wonder what could such drawbacks be.

Let’s talk about the drawbacks

Firstly, distance and range is something to be kept in perspective. Drones are operated at a specific range and going beyond would a power loss. You don’t want your food being delivered by drone, only to fall in the middle of the road. Additionally, one has to be careful not to invade any form of privacy. Drones can reach high places and they can see through windows. It would not be considered ethical if a drone is peeking through your room window, holding a food container. Yikes!

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A Broader Perspective

One of the most prime things to consider here is battery power. Range may not even be a problem as big as the battery. A lot of drones come equipped with a quick charge that lasts then 20 minutes, tops. If you wish to go higher, it is going to cost more. So, the company may have to keep the delivery prices in perspective. Is the price of the drone being justified by the amount that is received on deliveries?

It can be considered a highly practical idea, but it requires more effort. The drone needs to be quite capable of handling distance and battery. The more distance you wish to control it from, the higher the cost of the drone itself. Plus, the drone would require routine upkeep and protection from humidity. The last part applies to a lot of the coastal regions of Karachi.

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Apart from this, there are some more issues that arise such a delivery concept. With the wire bunches that we have hanging from telephone poles, the drone could get stuck. It could also be shot down using stones or any similar items. Before we know it, robbery rate goes up because people are stealing drones. Another one of the biggest issues is no-fly zones. Karachi has many no-fly zones for drones and this can cause obstacles for Careem. Everyone knows this, no?

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