Car Breaches In Masjid Al Haram & People Are Questioning The Security!

Masjid al haram
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Every religion has a place at the centre of which lies their Holy Sanctuary. For Christians, Vatican City is the centre hub for all religious activities. The pope resides there, the meetings of the church are held there. It is a city and a country on its own. In the Jewish religion, Jerusalem is where their location lies. They even have a concept of a wall which is filled with paper pieces.

When it comes to Islam, the religious centre point lies in the Holy City of Makkah. Millions and millions and Muslims visit the place every day, every year. It is a Muslin’s dream to place their eyes on the Holy Kabaa and offer prayer in the bounds of Masjid Al Haram. So, it came as quite a shock when a car breached the Holy Masjid!

The Holy City

Makkah is a city that has a vibrant history. It is present from the old world, and it exists till today. The Holy Kabaa stands at the center of Masjid Al Haram. It is the direction of prayer for Muslims throughout every country. Be it a European or Asian nationality; the religion teaches the same and points to the same north. The city was the subject of an impressive Conquest by the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) in the year 8 A.H (After Hijra)

Even before that, the Holy Prophet has spent a substantial time of his life residing in the city. So one can imagine the shock the public got when a rogue car entered the premises of the Masjid. It came out of nowhere and at such a speed, that it could have caused harm to people there!

Car Breaches Masjid
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Internal Investigations

Since the incident, there has been a whole lot of Twitter activity too. The footage of the car entering, as shown above, was captured by one of many cameras in the area. It is shown to swerve violently from side and side and crashing across a barrier. It then continues to move forward until it comes to a stop by crashing a few feet ahead. Even though the police cordoned off the area where the vehicle crashed, they are still going over the details as to what exactly happened

Was the driver drunk when this whole event was occurring? Why did not one try and stop the driver before they started swerving? This Car Breached the boundaries of a holy place and crashed ahead. It could have harmed an immense amount of people since the Masjid is so densely populated at all times.

Coming to results

As released in some news reports, the car was a Beige coloured Hyundai. It came ramming through the 89th Gate of the Masjid Al Haram. Security officials stopped it soon after and the driver was allegedly apprehended. The time of the event was 10:25pm.

We hope that this event has no predecessors and no similar events should follow. It is quite a rage on Twitter as people are asking for the security guards to be fired. They are also stating their expressions and astonishments at the video and the event itself, as seen above and below.

We are glad to know that no one got hurt during this entire ordeal.

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