For anyone mulling over corporate social responsibility for their brand, making a lasting impression on your customer base and building trust should be the first stepping stone. Capri, the moisturizing beauty soap which has been around for more than 50 years now has been delivering on its brand promise effectively and winning consumer’s hearts.

With the pandemic on the rise since last year, we have seen many brands and corporations jumping on the handwashing bandwagon – but not many have been able to deliver what the people might need – that is proper knowledge of why and how.

Capri has not only been on the top of its game in terms of raising awareness about taking care during COVID and the importance of hand hygiene by putting out Public Service Messages but has also been delivering on the brand’s promise of ‘care’ with multiple campaigns targeted towards empowering women, spreading cleanliness and care through small and big steps in the right direction.

Fighting against COVID responsibly and still managing to deliver on the emotional front is what people have been loving about Capri so far. With its Women’s Day campaign, Capri took center stage, reminding women to take care of them and be appreciative of their wins and achievements – which is one of the most important things to be able to succeed in life. As a consumer and part of a wide audience where there is no shortage of brands and products, it is refreshing to see promises being delivered and steps being taken in the right direction.