Canada and Pakistanis to work there
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It is always refreshing to see work-related opportunities open up for Pakistanis anywhere in the world. It gives us the chance to showcase our talent and skills on an international scale. Additionally, it gives a lot of people the spotlight to work on a higher pay and send money back to their loved ones at home. Recently, an informal agreement has been reached between Punjab and Canada to welcome additional workers. Yes, this means that Canada is accepting more workers to come and work in the country.

Caretaker Chief Minister Punjab Mohsin Naqvi and Canadian High Commissioner Leslie Scanlon met to finalize the understanding. This incentive gives a lot of room for growth to the people of Pakistan, allowing them to continue working for foreign countries for their families and their own credibility. People who have worked abroad get a higher credibility on skills and talent because it is not easy to be chosen to work abroad.

Pakistanis going to work in Canada soon
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Pakistanis in Canada

Caretaker CM Naqvi expressed optimism, anticipating job opportunities for Pakistani youth in Canada. The youth of Pakistan is already at a struggling point when it comes to job hunting and holding down employment, thus it can be a refreshing opportunity. The discussion extended beyond employment to include collaboration in environmental protection.

This means that Pakistanis will not only be working in the country, but they’ll be contributing to other projects as well. This also increases a person’s chance to have an extended work visa if their work is good and their earning is honest. A delegation from the Punjab government will visit Canada for the formal signing of the agreement in the coming weeks. This makes quite a lot of Pakistanis hopeful who have otherwise been struggling to meet ends here in the country.

working opps for people abroad from here
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Appreciating The Good

We must always keep the good in perspective when looking at the state of the country. If we appreciate what is being done, we open doors for even more opportunities for Pakistanis. The people here are hard-working and they have the skills to prove it, they just need a platform to showcase themselves. This Canada program can be quite the fruitful opportunity for the people of Pakistan.

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