Can you get through Customs with a PS5
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One of the concerns many people have these days is how to bring an electronic into Pakistan without worrying about Customs confiscating it. While there is currently no ban on imported electronics, there have been instances of confiscation in the past. Additionally, bringing a PS5 in Pakistan is another concern for people. Of course, if a person is bringing the console in bulk, then Customs is going to stop and search them. In fact, they might even confiscate it if it is in bulk.

This is because if a person is bringing the console here for the intent of selling them, then that is something Customs can stop them over. However, if you are bringing a single console to Pakistan, are you likely to be stopped by Customs? Are they going to make you open the box of the console or are they going to confiscate it or both? This question plagues quite a lot of people who just want to bring a console home for themselves or loved ones.

PS5 and bringing console to Pakistan
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PS5 and Bringing To Pakistan

When a Customs agent stops someone from exiting the airport, it can be due to suspicion of contraband. However, if there is an item present that is no longer considered contraband, then they do not have jurisdiction to stop you. While importing electronics was restricted for a while in between, there is absolutely nothing wrong with bringing your own PS5 to the country.

If a person is stopped by customs for just carrying a single PS5 console, then you can argue the case that there is no reason to stop you. You are simply carrying a gaming console for the purpose of entertainment, and there is no law forbidding you on it. Similarly, at times they might ask you to open the box of the console, and even then you are not obligated to do so. If they want to see the contents of the box, they can simply run it through the baggage checker again.

Pakistan customs and PS5 bringing
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Keeping An Eye on Luggage

Many times, you can tell the difference between someone checking luggage on suspicion or just plain bullying you. We urge you to not stand for bullying because it will put you through a lot of wasted time. It is important to know what a person’s right is if the authorities are not entirely adhering to the code of conduct.

That said, we believe such situations can be dealt with with talking.

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