A new study shows chances of humans living way longer than expected. This means that the human lifespan and life expectancy rates might be increasing. Now, how one takes this is purely subjective. If you have your life sorted and want to enjoy the pleasures of a good existence then you might want to live till you’re 120, 130, or even 140 years.

But if you’re miserable and have no interest in living till tomorrow much less for the next 100 years or so this might be bad news for you. However, covid has been a hindrance to the increase of one’s life span. Here is a graph so you can better understand this.

Image Source: Telegraph UK

Moving on, a human’s life span has been increasing over time and it is expected to increase even further. However, reaching that maximum human age is still not known but researchers predict that it is not anytime soon. So, there’s a genius named Dr. David McCarthy who teaches at the University of Georgia, and he made this fancy but almost completely accurate model that predicts how long people can live. According to him, there’s a good chance that someone born in the 1940s in Britain will live longer than the oldest person they knew of, who was a lady named Jeanne Calment. She lived to be 122 years and 164 days old before she passed away in 1997.

Image Source: New York Post

The oldest person alive on Earth today is María Branyas Morera who is 115 years old she has lived through two world wars, the Spanish civil war, the 1918 flu pandemic, and Covid. So, she probably has a really good chance of giving these doctors what they want. Maybe she will reach the maximum human lifespan. Dr. McCarthy thinks that someone born in the same era can live anywhere between 120 and 128 years old. Now that’s pretty insane if you ask me! But he also claims that when someone hits 115 years old, they’ve got a 50-50 chance of making it through the next year.

But get this, according to his model, there’s a chance that a person born in 1970 could live all the way up to 141 years old. But this further depends on the gender of the person. For women, the max is expected to be around 131 years old. Now, I know what you’re thinking that guys usually don’t live as long as girls, right? But Dr. McCarthy thinks that might just be because of the way men live their lives. In reality, he says that men might actually have the ability to outlive women biologically. Although, this only time will tell.

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