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Ramadan is the month where the majority of Muslims fast. And considering it is the time of pandemic where to return to everyday life, we need to interject the vaccine. However, people are worried if they can do so during fast. If it is not allowed, this will push the covid vaccine delivery process one month back.

The covid vaccine in Ramadan

In Pakistan, vaccine delivery had been conducted for healthcare workers and senior citizens. The process is still ongoing, and it is being said that soon it will be open for everyone regardless of their ages. But as we are inclined towards following whatever we hear from unverified sources, it is quite possible that a random Whatsapp message labeling the vaccine non-consumable during fast would be enough to stop us from receiving it.

And so here we are, to diffuse your doubts about the vaccine.

Islamic scholars have rallied around the idea that everyone can take the vaccine between sehri and iftar; it will not hurt your fast.

These famous scholars include Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia, Sheikh Abdulaziz Al Sheikh, Grand Mufti of Dubai, Shaikh Dr. Ahmad bin Abdul Aziz Al Haddad, Grand Mufti of Lebanon, Sheikh Abdul-Latif Derian, among others.

The rulings and justifications they provided were:

  1. “The COVID-19 vaccine does not invalidate the fast of a fasting person because it is not considered as food and drink. The vaccine is administered intramuscularly, so it does not invalidate the fast.”
  2. “The COVID-19 vaccine does not break any fast because it is taken intramuscularly, so it is permissible for the fasting person to take the vaccine.”
  3. “The COVID-19 vaccine will not invalidate the fast because it has no nutritional value and it is injected into the muscle.”
  4. “There is no nutritious vitamin or food substance in any vaccine, including the COVID-19 vaccine. Injecting such a thing into the body does not break the fast.”

So you can, with complete ease, take the vaccine.

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