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When it comes to dealing with technology, there are quite a lot of myths that form over time. While there may be some form of truth in them, there is always some type of misunderstanding involved. When mobile phones first came out, people were discouraged to not pick calls when they were on a charger. This is because the phones of that time had batteries that could explode on such a load.

However, this is not the case with modern smartphones but people still say you cannot pick a call while it is charging. In modern smartphones, the phone itself cuts off the charging supply when fully charged, even when plugged in. Similarly, there is a myth that often circulates around laptops and chargers. People say that it is not recommended to charge a laptop with a higher wattage charger, it can damage the laptop. Let us tell you why this is not true.

a laptop charging and damage on wattage
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Charger Ratings

When it comes to charging, the unit of measure that is kept the most in perspective is the voltage of the charger and the input of the laptop. In most instances, the input voltage and the charger rated voltage is 12V. This is 12V DC and is applicable on most laptops. Imagine that a laptop charger is rated at 12V 60 watts, and that is the charger you usually charge with.

If you lose the charger somewhere and the only option available is a charger with a higher wattage, maybe 100 watt or 150 watt, then should you use it? The myth states that you cannot but we are here to tell you that you can. In fact, a laptop will charge faster with a higher wattage charger since the charger has a higher capacity. If the voltage is different on the second charger, however, you should not use it on the laptop. That can definitely damage the laptop or its battery.

Busting Myths

We hope that this does make it more clear as to what affects the health of the laptop. The wattage is not of concern here, it is always the voltage. If the rated voltage is 12V, then a 12V charger must be used as an alternate. However, if the voltage is different, we will not recommend using it.

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