Calling All Foodies! This Maggi Ice Cream Is Just For you

Maggi Ice cream
Image Source: Twitter

It is not just celebrities’ actions that can be deemed controversial, a few food combinations can also be a part of the list. When a certain food combination gets deemed problematic, it goes viral. Now, it could be that to get virality. Some people intentionally create bizarre food combinations, hence, not too long ago you even saw the strawberry biryani. The most recent bizarre food is the Maggi ice cream that has left people gagging.

How To Make Maggi Ice-Cream

Being an ‘unbiased publication’, it is only right that we gave the recipe of the Maggi ice cream as well. To get the perfect look as the one shown, you need Maggi noodles. Since you cannot get that particular brand of noodles in Pakistan, any other would do. Anyway, you will need one cup of boiled instant noodles, 2 cups of juice (mango or orange), and 2 kulfi molds.

Now, you will take the kulfi molds and add juice to them. Put the boiled noodles in it, and cover the cap. Freeze for four hours. Et voila, your Maggi ice cream is ready.

Horrified Netizens

Netizens are truly freaked out at the idea of the food, as well as the visuals. They couldn’t digest the idea of first of all sweet Maggi, and secondly, Maggi noodles in the form of ice cream. Some even went as far as saying that the creators of the dish are murderers.

Well, well, let’s not get carried away. It may be that this newly created dish actually tastes good. Plus, it is not like they have put the tastemaker in the boiled noodles. So, if you do plan on making the Maggi or whatever brand noodles ice cream, do let us know how it tasted, because this is one dish we will never try ourselves.

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