The Cambridge Assessment International Examination (CAIE) has now provided two options for candidates affected by the exam cancellations on May 10, 11, and 12 this year. The exams were initially canceled because of the political turmoil caused in different parts of countries. So, to ensure safety and peace, the board decided to cancel all the following exams Pearson, University of London, ACCA, and IELTS which were supposed to take place on Thursday, May 11 were also canceled.

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The first option involves the British Council requesting special consideration from Cambridge on behalf of all affected candidates. Previously, it had been announced that the exam scheduled for May 11 has been canceled and will not be rescheduled. Instead, candidates will be awarded average grades for the affected paper. This decision would undoubtedly have a major impact on the academic plans of those affected, raising questions about how this will affect their future prospects.  The second option allows candidates to withdraw from the subjects where exams were canceled and receive a refund if they decide not to avail themselves of the special consideration.


According to the CIE, candidates can choose to withdraw their entry for subjects in the June 2023 series, excluding those affected by the May 10, 11, and 12 exam cancellations. If a candidate wishes to withdraw, they must adhere to Cambridge International’s withdrawal policy for 2023 and submit a withdrawal request, as stated in the CIE’s statement. It is important to note that once a withdrawal request is submitted, the candidate cannot later request the corresponding components to be marked. The British Council will handle all withdrawal requests in accordance with the provided policy.

Notice for Schools 

Candidates and schools are also advised to consider paragraphs 3, 2, and 10 of the Cambridge Handbook 2023, which states that coursework submitted in a previous exam series cannot be reused. Therefore, candidates who withdraw their entry in the June 2023 series and re-enter in a later series will need to create new coursework for their new entry.

Notice for A Levels

However, the CIE recommends withdrawal and refund for the following reasons

  • For XIC & A2 (outgoing classes), schools will be unable to support students’ exam preparation for subjects beyond June 2023.
  • For students enrolled in the BCP program, it will cause disruption in the middle of the academic session of the next class level. For example, for Al students taking XIC exams in Oct/Nov 2021.
  • Opting for withdrawal for XC & AS Level exams will lead to disruption in the middle of the academic year of the next class level where the exam is taken.A2 students who withdraw from May/June 2023 will not have their AS grades carried forward and will need to sit their composite exams in Oct/Nov 2023.Uzma Yusuf, director of Cambridge Pakistan, informed The News that only two A-level papers, Mathematics, and History, will be retaken on June 21 canceled papers. The remaining papers will be graded based on the average.

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