carrying smartphones in Karachi
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It seems that they are carrying two smartphones for security reasons and budgeting reasons. Firstly, smartphone snatching is quite common in the city and one has to be quite careful when carrying electronics. Thus, it can be a wise decision to carry two smartphones, where you can give away one in case of a mugging. Secondly, the PTA on some smartphones is so high, people are often forced to carry two of them.

smartphones and carrying more than one
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Smartphones and PTA Approved Ones

So, is it better to buy and carry two smartphones in Karachi today? While it can feel quite tedious, it can actually be an investment saver for you in many instances. If you carry two smartphones, you can carry one budget smartphone that is PTA approved. You can also carry a flagship second one that will be non PTA-Approved. This way, you can have connectivity and experience the fun and usage of the flagship phone.

However, if you carry just one flagship PTA approved smartphone, and the phone gets mugged, you are going to face a higher loss. If you get mugged with two smartphones on you, you can always try and give only the budget smartphone, or you can keep the second one at home, safe and sound. We will always recommend keeping a second smartphone in the car as well, for safety reasons.

phones and mugging
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Keeping Two Phones

What a life we the people of Pakistan live, with our philosophy to carry two smartphones. We have to keep in mind the security conditions when walking or driving outside. It can be just like how we prefer to not stop anywhere outside for long late at night. That said, we will always urge you to not show any resistance if you are being mugged.

No matter how expensive the smartphone is, it is not worth more than your life.

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