Cricketer Shoaib Malik announced his marriage with actor Sana Javed on Saturday, triggering a flurry of questions, comments, and memes.

The ensuing chaos prompted Bushra Ansari to express her frustration in a four-minute video addressing the excessive interest from the public and intrusive inquiries by reporters.

In the video, Ansari sarcastically questioned whether Shoaib Malik was her classmate, if she had a childhood friendship with Sana Javed, or if she was somehow part of their family. Frustrated with the numerous calls she received from people and television channels, Ansari openly criticized the intrusive behavior, labeling it as “angering.”

“Why should I answer these silly questions?” she exclaimed, emphasizing the inappropriate invasion into the couple’s personal lives. Ansari questioned the societal shift from social media to a gossip mill.

The Dolly Ki Ayegi Baraat actor recounted an incident where a persistent reporter relentlessly called her mobile phone, attempted to reach her on WhatsApp, and even resorted to a landline. Upon answering, Ansari discovered that the inquiries revolved around the Malik-Javed wedding. She rebuked the reporter and cautioned against future calls on such matters.

Ansari highlighted the contrast between the lack of inquiries about actor Talat Hussain’s health, despite his illness, and the overwhelming interest in the celebrity wedding. Expressing her dismay, she received calls from various cities, all fixated on the same trivial matter.

Addressing the broader issues facing the country, Ansari criticized the misplaced priorities, urging people to focus on unemployment, hunger, and the absence of elections instead of fixating on celebrity affairs. She condemned the double standards of social media users and suggested that rather than castigating certain behaviors, netizens should be criticized for spreading gossip.

In a final plea, Ansari directed media personnel to refrain from intruding into private lives, encouraging them to entertain and educate the public with more positive content. She concluded by congratulating the newly-married couple and advising them to shield themselves from the chatter surrounding their union.


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