Source: Burger lab, Facebook

The coronavirus pandemic has caused countries to impose lockdowns. Majority of the businesses, shops and restaurants are closed down in order to curb the spread of the virus and to maintain social distancing.

A recent marketing gimmick by Karachi based eatery, Burger Lab has received a number of mixed reactions from netizens. While some have loved the message posted by the brand others believe its a complete miss in terms of marketing and have also termed it as a “failed marketing attempt”.

Burger Lab posted a message to its followers on Facebook saying they would be posting the recipe to their signature burger only if people said ‘please’!

Here’s what they posted:

Some requested Burger Lab for the recipe with great enthusiasm!

We couldn’t help but laugh at some of the comments people posted!

Burger Lab’s marketing stunt was not appreciated by some marketing enthusiasts on Facebook group, KAMN.

Source: KAMN, Facebook
Source: KAMN, Facebook

Burger Lab continued to tease their customers with yet another post!

Finally, the secret was revealed and just today, Burger Lab uploaded their very own episode of “Straight out of Lab’s Kitchen!” The episode shows Taha making a very popular Burger Lab special known as the Smashed Burger step by step for all to try at home.

Watch the first episode below: 

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