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Burger King has announced that they will be introducing an all-new Vegan Royale in their UK outlets. Isn’t that just superb for all our vegan friends out there? And people do seem excited because they are loaded with inquiries about the burger.

Vegan Royale – Burger King

Seeing this interest, Burger King has taken it upon them to answer most of these questions to ease the consumers of their worries. Of course, this wouldn’t have been necessary had their tweet contained the information. But since consumers and Burger King are interacting, this must be a positive indication for the brand that the product may just turn out to be successful

Plant-Based Whopper and Vegan Royale 

One inquiry was how exactly Vegan Royale and Plant-Based Whoppers different. This question arose due to the description written on the website for the two burgers. For the customer, it seemed that the Whopper seemed more vegan than the Vegan Royale itself.

Burger King replied to the customer detailing the difference between the two products.

Drinks aren’t vegan?

Another potential customer noticed the lack of drink in the picture, so they asked why is that so. Why is a drink not included?

Well, according to the brand, their drinks have not been declared as vegan, which is why they can’t show them in the same picture as other vegan products.

Burger King! Mayonnaise, vegan or not?

In that picture, one can also see some kind of sauce. It looks like Mayonnaise, and people are questioning if a product can really be vegan when there is mayo in it.

It turns out, even the mayo is vegan in the Royale.

Which grills, though?

Another Twitter user asked if the vegan royales are cooked on the same grills as the other Burger King products.

Good news for the people, it is cooked separately.

So tell us, if you had the chance, would you have a bite of it?

While some are excited about the product, other vegetarians are avoiding it because having the Vegan Royale would mean supporting an industry that kills animals.

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