burger king, fries sundae
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Have you seen what Burger King just came out with as a dessert? If you love weird food combos, chances are you will love this new addition!

A Limited Edition Fries Sundae

Burger King has released an extraordinary, limited-edition dessert like no other. The sad news is that it is only in Singapore for now. What is it, you may be asking? It’s their regular and special ice-cream sundae full of their delicious, salted fries. And, yes, the fries are served hot in the icecream.

Where Did The Idea Come From?

The mega fast-food chain launched their fries sundae called “Mashed Up Fries” after noticing something for a while. Their people noticed that guests ordered fries and sundae separately and then dipped their fries into the dessert. Business Insider reported how the chain used their observation to cater to their people.

burger king, fries sundae
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Raise your hands if you always ate fries with icecream!

burger king, fries sundae
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Make Way For The Fries Sundae

If you’re wondering how this gorgeous creation is built, here is a rundown. Burger King’s thin fries, crispy, hot, and salted, are first placed at the bottom of a cup, then covered in their signature ice-cream. Toppings include chocolate and maple syrup, which is drizzled on top. But that is not all; even more, fries follow it!

burger king, fries sundae
Image Source: Business Insider

Burger King’s people have described the dessert as “eccentric, but delicious” with contrasting temperatures, textures, and flavors. Could this be the future of desserts?

Burger King Is Known For Experiments

This mashed-up fries is not the first time the company has stuffed fries in experimental meals. 

In October, Burger King Japan teased censored images of a burger on social media without revealing its contents. It was later found that the burger’s secret was fries, fries, and more fries. The burger was named “Fake Burger” and was available for just two weeks. It featured French fries and beef sauce sandwiched between burger buns.

Japan’s Burger King did not stop there: it seems they have a knack for publicity stunts and food experiments. Its Japanese arm also released an “ugly burger” with four-cheese buns and an “extreme” burger with no bun, only a pound of meat.

Weird Food Combos

burger king, fries sundae
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Would you try the fake burger, the ugly burger, or the extreme burger? Life is too short not to be experimenting with the foods you love – and we love burgers – but we’re not sure whether the extreme burger cuts it. Until then, here’s to hoping the French Fry Sundae comes to Pakistan!

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