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There is one thing that you might never see a business do, and that is, sending your consumers to your competitors. But that impossible became possible after the world suffered the COVID pandemic. The food chain Burger King became that business to do so. Burger King UK titles their notice ‘Order from Mc Donald’s’.And in the detailed message, they urged their consumers to order from this and more competitor brands.

Burger King Notice

The Burger King notice comes right after British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the second lockdown considering the rise in COVID cases. This time the lockdown will span over four weeks. Having seen the effects of the lockdown the first time, the businesses are right to be worried about what will happen. And not just the companies, the employees since even the last time, a considerable number of employees were laid off.

Instead of endorsing the nature of competition or showcase who the rival is and who is not, Burger King decided to remind consumers to donate a helping hand to the entire food industry. Because if no one orders and people run out of business, they will close down.

This cheeky notice appeared on Twitter on the weekend, where they told customers to order delivery from other food chains frequently. Cheeky because they did not forget to make fun comments on their rival brands. Have a look:

Fun Trolls in the Notice

While they indicated that all these restaurants employ thousands of people, they also sneaked in trolls in the message. One such example was adding the part where some of the fast foods are slow. So they said “fast or not so fast,” get it?

And at another instance, they said:

“Getting a Whopper is always best, but ordering a Big Mac is also not such a bad thing.”\

Burger King’s Statement

A publication got in touch with Burger King UK to get their statement on this message. According to them, this effort was initiated by Burger King France.

Meanwhile, the Global CMO of Restaurant Brands International, Fernando Machado, said:

Several people lost their jobs worldwide during the first lockdown. Let’s make sure we are more prepared this time.

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