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Once upon a time many years ago, advertisements were very different from the ones we see today. They objectified women, stereotyped men, and were just too much to digest.

Now that brands have realized they do not need all these elements anymore, they are bringing amazing ads touching on emotions and beautiful lessons.

However, there are still some who have not learned that there are some things that should never be done. One such brand is Bicky Burger, a Belgian hamburger brand.

The Belgium advertising regulator shared that they have received hundreds of complaints against the chain for marketing a man hitting a woman for serving him the wrong sandwich.

Even politicians along with the consumers have called out the brand for sick advertisement, claiming that the brand is irresponsible and is promoting domestic violence.

Goodlife Foods, the Dutch producer of Bicky Burger, apologized on Wednesday to all those who were offended by its advertising campaign.

We do not want to promote violence against women and strongly condemn it. We condemn any kind of violence.

This was not the angle of the post. Within the context of the brand, the target group, and the media channel, the goal is to say that selling or buying fake Bicky’s is not done. -Marketeer Tom Sevens to Het Nieuwsblad

In 2016, Bicky ran another campaign which also came into question when the company launched an advertisement with a nod to Alzheimer’s patients. “Being able to eat a Bicky every half hour without feeling guilty, there is at least one advantage,” the advertisement said.

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