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The Independent Urdu covered an inspiring story of a Britisher who has settled in Sindh and now teaches the English language to children.

Steve is originally from Wales, United Kingdom. He traveled to Pakistan as a tourist and decided to stay. The story was brought to light by a famous Sindhi politician, Ayaz Latif Palejo, “This young Britisher (Steve) from Wales, UK, has been teaching kids in a remote rural School of Sindh for the last eight years. Look at his humility, commitment to education, and command of Sindhi Language.”

Steve settled in Sindh and became a teacher. Watch the full interview here: 


Yes, its hot here in Sindh, but people are good here too. The people give good response and students have a keen interest in studying. This is why the weather is not a big problem for me,” says Steve.

“I came to Sindh to travel, but people gave me love, and I wanted to give back to them by giving them education,” he said.

Steve is highly dedicated to teaching students. You would be surprised to know that he has been here for ten years now and has no plans to return. He teaches English to local people and students.

What is funny and astounding at the same time is that Steve’s stay in interior Sindh has taught him the regional language so well that he speaks Sindhi fluently. After school time, his other activities include wooden furniture for students, and even students help him out too.

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Why Britisher learned to Speak Sindhi

In another interview, he revealed, “Once I remember a student invited me to his home. I went to his village, and there were a lot of people speaking in Sindhi. I couldn’t understand it, so from that day I decided to learn Sindhi.”

I am enjoying in Sindh, and people are welcoming here. This is true,” he added.

It is not for the first time that foreigners have appreciated the locals welcoming behavior. Since the PTI government has been revamping the tourist spots in the North, more and more tourists visit the country.

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