In an astounding accomplishment, Mahnoor Cheema, a 16-year-old British Pakistani student, has achieved an unprecedented feat that has left the world in awe.

Mahnoor’s journey to this remarkable achievement began with her mastery of 17 subjects, all of which she passed with flying colors, earning A* grades as a private candidate during her Year 10. However, her pursuit of excellence didn’t stop there. She astounded everyone by adding an additional 17 subjects to her already impressive repertoire, culminating in a remarkable total of 34 subjects mastered at the General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) level. This achievement marks a new pinnacle in academic accomplishment, making her the record-holder for the highest number of subjects ever tackled by a student in the history of UK and EU GCSEs.

Among the diverse range of subjects that Mahnoor excelled in are Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths, Economics, Sociology, Psychology, English Literature, Latin, German, French, Classic Civilization, History, Film Studies, and Drama.

Mahnoor’s parents, Barrister Usman Cheema and Mrs. Tayyaba Cheema, who hail from Lahore, Pakistan, moved to the UK in pursuit of higher education at Lincoln’s Inn and SOAS. Mahnoor’s educational journey began in a private Lahore school and continued at Langley Grammar School in West London.

In addition to her remarkable academic achievements, Mahnoor boasts an exceptional IQ of 161 on the Mensa IQ Test, surpassing the reputed IQ of Albert Einstein, who is famously associated with an IQ of 160. This distinction positions Mahnoor in the top 1 percent of the world’s population in terms of intellectual ability.

Beyond her academic prowess, Mahnoor has achieved distinction in ABRSM Music Theory and Practical at Grade 8, solidifying her position as one of the UK’s youngest individuals pursuing a music diploma. Furthermore, she has been recognized as a finalist in the esteemed John Locke essay competition, with the awards ceremony scheduled in Oxford.

Mahnoor’s thirst for knowledge extends beyond the realm of GCSEs. Her fervent passion for medicine fuels her aspiration to dedicate her life and career to serving humanity. Evidencing her commitment, she undertook the University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT) and the Biomedical Admissions Test (BMAT) at the age of 15, achieving a remarkable score of 3,290, placing her in the 99th percentile among test-takers.

The extraordinary achievements of Mahnoor Cheema stand as a testament to her unwavering dedication, exceptional intellect, and limitless potential.

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