breast cancer early detection
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October is the month of raising awareness of breast cancer. There are several tell-tale signs of the disease that, if detected, can save lives and save treatment costs.

Breast cancer is the most commonly found cancer amongst women too. However, the good news is that an invasive form’s survival rate is also up to 99%. Here are ways in which you can detect early!

1. Mammogram Technology

Mammogram technology is a new and improved technology that can study breasts. It can notice changes in the tissues of breasts and identify if anything developing is abnormal.

breast cancer early detection
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Mammograms are also so incredible that they can detect breast cancer 2 years before a doctor can physically detect it. 

2. Physical Signs To Look Out For

breast cancer early detection
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It is recommended that women regularly keep observing and feeling their breasts to grasp the signs earlier on. Signs usually involve a lump found in the breast or armpit. There can be swelling or thickening of parts of the breast.

Moreover, there can be dimpling or retraction of breast skin or nipples. Lastly, if there are any changes in breast or pain or noticeable inflammation in any area of the breast, go to your doctor as soon as possible. 

These signs, we believe, are undeniable and can immediately be caught. But, most are complacent in checking their breasts and others belittle the strange signs. Act on your feet!

3. Diagnostic Tests

breast cancer early detection
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Additionally, in breast cancer detection, tests such as a CT (CAT) scan, PET scan, or bone scan are conducted to detect metastasis spread of cancer to other organs.

Why Early Detection Is Important


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Early detection obviously increases the chances of survival. This is because cancer has most probably not spread to other organs. Moreover, with early detections, minimal rounds of chemotherapy can ensure no surgical treatments need to occur.

There are many sites offering tutorials on how you should be checking your breasts. They also offer a wide list of resources you can avail of to seek financial support or help. Check out your very own Generation, who puts out several videos each year.

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