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Weetabix is a breakfast food that you would typically take with milk. Made of oatmeal and some other ingredients, it works well with milk, so that how one would take it. Meanwhile, beans are something you would take with bread. And while people want to venture out of their comfort zone, doing that with food doesn’t sit right with many people.

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Weetabix and its strange food combination

So when Weetabix decided to play around with food, it looked just weird. What the brand did was combined Weetabix with Heinz’s beans. They tweeted about it.

Before you start gagging, let us tell you that there are quite some laughs in store for you. And this is because before people could express their horror, brands from all over came forward to convey our feelings to Weetabix.

Brands troll and react

Well, remember how we outright rejected pineapple on Pizza? We, in fact, forgot all about it. Domino’s didn’t. And they replied to the tweet. The tweet said that they thought their food combo was the strangest, but Weetabix won in that category.

Nando’s were worried about them, though, because something must have happened for things to get this bad. Nando’s tweeted in reply that they are there for Weetabix should it need an ear.

But KFC UK & Ireland was not ready to talk when food had been made fun of. They said that the matter needed to be taken to Geneva Convention. And thus began a side banter between Nando’s and KFC UK where Twitterati had to tell them to ‘get a room’.


Tinder, too, declared this food combination not a match, but Weetabix wholeheartedly endorsed it, reiterating that they would totally swipe right.

Sky TV also jumped into the race, saying it was their duty to save the nation from seeing this.

Meanwhile, KFC was on a roll…

It’s always interesting to see brands using their own keywords to troll others.

The best one yet was the pun filled trolling of Specsavers and National Rail. Have a look:

It continues:

This was an interesting activity that many more brands took part in. And it did not just create virality but also gave organic reach to many brands participating in this trolling. If you haven’t come across it yet, we strongly suggest that you do so, it will be a fun-filled evening.

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