India is over the moon with its latest achievement but not in a metaphorical kind of way. India landed on the moon this week and the brands are celebrating one of India’s biggest wins to date.

This amazing accomplishment, which comes four years after the tragic loss of Chandrayaan-2’s Vikram lander on the previous attempt, is evidence of India’s unflinching dedication to progress and innovation.

Indian brands joined in the celebration as the news of the lunar landing spread quickly, showing their pride and support for ISRO’s achievement. Now that the anticipation is at its peak.

Here are some of the brands and marketers celebrating India’s win in their way.


Netflix India

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Mcdonald’s India


Blink It

Domino’s India



Lay’s India

Kurkure India

Snickers India


Snap Deal

According to cosmologist Tarun Souradeep, who is the director of the Raman Research Institute in Bengaluru, India, the achievement is a “powerful, emphatic restatement of India’s growing global stature and capability in science and technology.” It will motivate scientists in India to take the initiative and take center stage in the emerging and inevitable global quest for Moon-based scientific and technological enterprise.

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