fendi and LV under fire for clothing article
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As all of us are already aware, the current condition of Palestine is quite dire. You must have read about the situation on the internet. We must keep our voices high and remember to not forget. Under such circumstances, famous brands Fendi and LV are under fire for selling a Palestinian good.

Certain things are associated with the nationalism of a country. These can stand as symbols for the country itself. Just like that, there is a particular article of clothing in Palestine. The article is quite known. It goes by the name of Keffiyeh. However, the way it is being passed off by LV and Fendi can be considered unethical.

fendi and LV issues in brands
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Dire Situations

Palestine has seen quite a lot of injustice in recent years. The situation has become quite dire. At times, one wonders how people are still living. Israelis are often bombing sites in Gaza and they call it a counterattack. However, how can it be a counterattack when they are the first ones to attack? The people of Palestine need our support.

Keffiyeh is a traditional scarf that is worn on the head. It is quite a common article of clothing in the Middle Eastern region. In Palestine, the Keffiyeh has become a symbol of resistance and solidarity. It is a black and white chequered scarf. However, there are certain problems with what the brands are doing. It must be highlighted and looked upon because this cannot go unheard.

Profiting Through The Situation

The brands like Fendi and LV are calling this article a ‘Steal’. Additionally, it is being sold at enormously high prices. The prices are going as high as 700 dollars. This is something that can be considered extremely offensive to the national wearers of the scarf. Making it a ‘Steal’ is just rendering the article of little importance.

Additionally, it has also been noted that Louis Vuitton (LV) colors resemble that of Israel. They seem to be quite tone-deaf and are, at best, a passive firm of political commentary. The brand was called out on Instagram. They said that the brand is showing a form of neutral stance while putting such extreme prices on the Keffiyeh.

Being Considerate

Despite everything, we must remember that we should always support Palestine. They are going through something extremely bad and they deserve to have their voice heard. If you are posting on social media, you are doing something that counts.

These brands don’t support the Palestinian people who are being brutally oppressed and under a lot of pain. Remember to boycott all brands who are going against Palestine!

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