It’s not every day you get to experience crippling trust issues and anxiety. Only on April Fool’s Day do you get to be your most hilarious self, and bring a smile, or a world-ending expression on everyone’s face. Though the origins of this tradition are a mystery, it’s celebrated worldwide, across all cultures. This day encourages everyone to channel their inner trickster.

However, your exposure to April Fool’s Day pranks extends beyond family and friends. As we know, some or let’s say MOST online platforms, influencers, and even corporations participate. After this year’s Fools Day is over, here are the top 10 pranks we saw online.

9. April Fool’s Day 2024: Tinder’s VP of Ghosting

Tinder definitely scared some of its subscribers away with this one. They announced their policy against unexpected ghosting and published a search for those who will actively work to investigate and find the said “ghost-ers” in question.

8. Oreo Starts Selling Cream and Wafer Separately

An interesting prank that made some people’s dreams come true, some’s worst nightmare. Oreo announced that they will be selling the cream filling, and wafer separately. To make their prank as believable as possible, they even created accounts for their “new products” and graphics!

7. Elon Musk Takes over Disney

In attempts to be human and somewhat funny, Elon Musk announced that he was joining Disney as their DEI. He shared his excitement for this new project and even named some people. Now this prank was on the scarier side of things. Could anyone imagine Cars part 4 being Tesla?

6. Duolingo On Ice: Musical Tour

This is actually real and going on tour soon. On April 1, renowned language learning app, Duolingo announced their musical but more than that, they announced it’s going on tour soon! It may not be a bad joke, but that’s only because it’s insane.

5. Krispy Kreme Krispy Anything

Krispy Kreme UK comes close to being the winner of these social prank wars. On the first, they announced that customers are welcome to bring anything, and they really meant anything, to the store and they’ll glaze it for you. Yum! but also EW!

4. Dominos Permanently Removes Pineapples

Less than a prank, this was some people’s long-time dream come true. Dominos posted, “That’s it, I’m taking pineapples off the menu.” This news must have increased sales because now there were no longer going to be wars on pineapple or no pineapple.

3. Big Bite – Hotdog Sparkling Water

This was perhaps the sickest one we had seen. Hotdog sparkling water shared with a daring threat to try it? No, thank you.

2. Twitter to Expose All Drafts

This was truly scary. With an increased transparency policy, Twitter announced that it was officially posting everyone’s drafts. Can you imagine all your secret thoughts and tweets made PUBLIC before you even had the chance to even delete them?

1. Chicken and Rice Drink

Unfortunately, this happened! C4 Energy Drinks posted convincing visuals that they have released a drink worth buying. With the strong flavors of both chicken and rice, surely someone with no teeth would’ve enjoyed this.

Which ones did you like the best? Let us know in the comments below.

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