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In a recent poll on Twitter, people were asked to vote for their least favorite chocolate in Celebrations. More than 12,000 people had to choose between Bounty and Snickers. Did you guess who the winner was? Or will that be the loser? Okay, that is confusing. It was Bounty. Well, that was not surprising. However, the surprising part was that it broke the internet!

Bounty has not been a very celebrated Celebrations, but Twitter saw Bounty lovers and haters treating Twitter as their battlefield.

So what happened was that on 10th August LADbible tweeted two polls asking:

If our friends at Celebrations were thinking of shaking up the chocolate mix, which one should get the chop?”

In this first poll, Bounty stood against Galaxy, Maltesers, and Galaxy Caramel. Bounty won the hated chocolate poll by a landslide. It stood at 63.7 percent. Galaxy Caramel was at a very distant second i.e., at 16.4%. Following that, the Galaxy stood at 10.9% and Malteser at 9%.

The next poll by LADbible was a difficult one for the participants, and that is evident from the results.

Snickers achieved 30.6% of the votes. Meanwhile, Bounty again emerged victorious, with 69.4% votes. At the end of the poll, the chocolate gained the title of being the most hated Celebration chocolate. But that sparked debate with Bounty fans who must be among those 30.6% people choosing Snickers.

The lovers responded with mixed emotions at this treatment.

1. The rioter

They are rioting because who wants to taste shoe leather if they have a better option.

2. The pacified one

Simon requested all the 12,000 voters to send him the chocolates if they are not going to eat them.

3. The one who studied poo

Well, love is love. What can we say? If they love Bounty, there is no way they will accept it without a tantrum. Am I right, or am I right?

But then there were Bounty haters who got no chills. They just refused to be the bigger party without boasting it in the Bounty lover’s faces.

1. The one with the sass

The burns he spread. It was like he wanted to remind them that it doesn’t mean that the rest love Bounty. Well oops.

2. The one with the justifications

Because having coconuts defines the good, the bad, and the crazy.

3. The Truth Advocate

Well, if you put it that way, we cannot say anything. Not that we were going to.

Polls created, titles distributed, internet broken, if these are all not the markers of disaster, I don’t know what is.

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