Other than politics and border tensions, India and Pakistan often clash on arts and entertainment. Well, we all know that they never seem to agree on the same things and movies are yet another area where the nations always face a conflict.

Consequently, many of the Bollywood flicks get banned in our nation due to either objectionable content or controversial topics.

Recently, an upcoming Indian movie ‘Partition: 1947’ is being claimed as banned in Pakistan by various Indian publications.


The movie features Huma Qureshi and as the title suggests, the story is set during Partition. It is is an onscreen adaptation of the life of the last Viceroy of India under British rule – Lord Mountbatten.

Apparently, the movie’s director took to Twitter and declared it banned in Pakistan!

His tweet sparked an instant reaction on social media and #BannedInPakistan started trending on Twitter!

Meanwhile, in Pakistan, it turns out that the movie has not been even imported yet to be declared banned by the censor board!

The member of the Sindh Film censor board, Saeed Rizvi clarified to Brandsynario:

“The movie has not been imported in Pakistan and hence can not be labelled as Banned. However, it is highly unlikely that the movie will be imported in the nation due to its controversial story line”

What is more, he added that the movie will surely make it to cable television later, even if it is not screened in cinemas.

“It was the same with Bajrangi Bhaijaan. We edited many scenes but they made it to cable later”

Moreover,  Sindh Film Censor Board secretary Abdul Razzaq Khuhawar told the Express Tribune that the movie has been banned as it misrepresents the image of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

But one thing is clear that movie certainly can not be certified as a banned product as it has not been imported in the first place.