The Bollywood film ‘Fighter’ is experiencing a downturn in box office revenue following its ban in Gulf countries, including the UAE.

According to a report from the India showbiz news agency Men’s XP, the movie had a strong start, bagging INR 24 crore on its opening day. The momentum continued, reaching INR 41.20 crores on the second day. However, the trend took a sharp turn on Monday, with earnings plummeting to just INR 7-8 crores.

This represents a staggering 70% decrease from the opening day’s collection and an 82% decline from the second day’s earnings. Based on Monday’s box office figures, ‘Fighter’ is facing challenges in surpassing the INR 200 crore mark in domestic collections.

‘Fighter’ now seems poised to become Hrithik Roshan’s second consecutive disappointment, following the underwhelming performance of ‘Vikram Vedha’.

Following the Pulwama attack, the action-packed trailer portrays India’s retaliation against the terrorist incident. Subsequent to its release, numerous Pakistani actors criticized the creators for depicting an anti-Pakistan narrative and fostering animosity.