BOL News Becomes Top-ranked Channel of 2022

The year 2022 proved to be a significant year for BOL News. The No. 1 channel in Pakistan broke all viewership records and achieved even more accolades.

BOL News was the top TV channel in 2022. It topped the list of Top 5 channels in Pakistan. BOL News outranked its competitors and was the most-watched News channel this year.

It was indeed a significant achievement that BOL News topped the list of the Top 5 channels in Pakistan, followed by ARY News, Geo News, Dunya, and GNN.

It was not just due to its unbiased and accurate reporting but was it is immense pressure to resort to real journalism. BOL is remarkably the first choice of its dedicated viewers in Pakistan.

BOL News gained immense popularity for the accurate and balanced opinions of its news anchors. Some of the most acclaimed and well-reputed journalists are a part of BOL.

The top journalist for the Year 2022 was BOL senior news anchor Imran Riaz Khan, who joined BOL News this year and is the top-rated anchorperson in the country today.

Among the list of top 5 journalists, four of them are part of BOL News. It includes senior journalist Sami Ibrahim, Anchorperson Jamil Farooqui, and BOL News Islamabad Bureau chief Siddique Jan.

The only exception was ARY anchorperson Kashif Abbasi. Thus 4 out of the top 5 journalists in Pakistan are part of BOL News.

The coming year will provide even more challenges and opportunities nonetheless BOL News vows to continue providing fair, authentic, and unbiased reporting to its viewers.