BMW Wireless Chargers Blamed for Overheating iPhone

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If you’re the lucky owner of both an iPhone 15 and a BMW, there’s a potential pitfall you should be aware of: the car’s wireless charging pad might be causing trouble for your smartphone. Several iPhone 15 users have come forward with complaints about their devices malfunctioning after using BMW’s in-car wireless charger.

The Troubling Incidents

Reports of this issue have been surfacing on various platforms. It appears that using BMW’s wireless charging pad triggers an unexpected chain of events for iPhone 15 owners. After this interaction, iPhones often display a stark white screen and then go into data recovery mode. Unfortunately, the aftermath is even more disconcerting—the NFC (Near Field Communication) chip, a crucial component for smartphones, becomes unresponsive.

iPhone 15 Pro owners report dead NFC modules after using wireless charging in their BMWs - news
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The Significance of the NFC Chip

The NFC chip plays a pivotal role in modern smartphones, especially for iPhone users. It’s the technology behind essential features like Apple Pay payments and digital car keys. Losing functionality in this area can lead to significant inconveniences. Users encountering this issue are confronted with a frustrating error message stating they can’t set up Apple Pay, leaving them with no apparent solution.

Hunting for Solutions

Desperate for a fix, some affected iPhone 15 owners have visited Apple Stores in the hopes of exchanging their troubled devices for replacements. In one instance, Apple even attributed the issue to a defective NFC unit. However, it’s baffling that the same problem seems to persist with the replacements, leaving users in a state of perplexity.

iPhone 15 Owners Say BMW's Wireless Charger Is Frying Their Devices
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The precise cause of this issue remains elusive, and it raises several questions. Why is it affecting only iPhone 15s and BMW’s wireless charging pads? Intriguingly, there haven’t been similar reports concerning iPhone 14 and iPhone 13 devices. This discrepancy suggests that the problem might be specific to the iPhone 15 itself.

Words of Caution for BMW Owners

If you’re a BMW owner with an iPhone 15 or considering getting one, it’s advisable to steer clear of using the wireless charging pad until the root cause of this perplexing problem is identified. We await comprehensive guidance from Apple or BMW on how to use wireless charging without risking your phone’s functionality.

In the meantime, if your phone requires charging during your car journey, a safer option is to plug it into a USB port or rely on an external battery pack. By taking these precautions, you can avoid potential issues with your iPhone 15’s NFC chip, ensuring a smoother and less worrisome experience on the road.

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