BMW entertains with Funny video
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The automotive industry has innovative ways to shock and astonish it’s fans. Despite the window breaking, the roll out of the Cybertruck was one impressive feature. It showed how fast we are progressing towards clean energy. You can drive that thing around for miles and not worry about ruining the environment.

Tesla is one of the prime runners in the race for the electric era. The combustion era is here to stay for a while but the introduction of electric warns of it’s demise. There are numerous industrial applications that have not yet been replicated by electric vehicles.

One of the most famous car brands is BMW. Yes, that circular symbol with the quarter colored interior is an impressive brand. The I series is one of the best ones that the world has ever seen. In recent news, BMW has made a funny video, for itss fans, featuring its iDrive system!

New funny video by BMW
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BMW And History:

The company started as a simple automotive manufacturer. Of course, at the time of its advent, no one was to know how far it will come. Many industries have crashed and burned through the decades due to low-performance vehicles and flimsy structures. Delorean is a prime example of how a whole series was wiped out due to awkward infrastructure.

Now, you see Deloreans only in ‘Back To The Future’ references. BMW, however, has seen no such end to its track record. It continues to rise as the years progress, releasing newer series and upgrades. The M series of the vehicle is a marvel to look at. Imagine sitting in one of them and cruising around for hours, just for the fun of it!

A Hilarious Video:

Initially, the iDrive system was quite criticized for being laggy and glitchy. It was released back in 2001. Now, that’s quite a long time. So, what is so funny about this video? It explores the past and future of the iDrive system! The video transitions are enough to make one chuckle at the very sight of it. It’s quite impressive as to what the iDrive system has accomplished till now.

New innovative technologies allow users to integrate their digital life into this system entirely. The video is worth a watch at least once. We won’t spoil the video content for you, but we highly recommend it!

The Future Of Advertisement:

So what does this video tell us about the advertisement? As the Subaru video also showcased to us, advertising is catching on in innovation quite fast. They are coming up with subtle and impressive ways to showcase their product. The drive system is one with an immense amount of potential.

Whether you’re a fan of the old models of the BMW or the new one, this video will put a cackle on your face. The writer of this article found it absolutely hilarious! We hope to see such Ingenious videos by BMW in the future. They sure know how to tickle one’s belly!

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