black friday 2018 in pakistan

Black Friday 2018 in Pakistan: Every year, on the last Friday of November, millions of people around the globe prep up for the best sales event of the year; wallets in hand and sanity out the window – it’s Black Friday.

It’s the ultimate shopping extravaganza where you can make all your dreams, that otherwise seem unattainable, come true. In the West, the day marks the beginning of the Christmas shopping season.

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Evolution of Black Friday Around the World

The Black Friday sales concept was initiated in the U.S. by American multinational Macy’s, during their Thanksgiving Day Parade. In the 1960s, the sales day was officially given the name Black Friday which stuck and spread.

In the 1980’s the term Black Friday began to be used by retailers to refer to the single day of the year when retail companies finally go ‘into the black and make a profit’ after being ‘in the red’ for almost all year.

Realizing what a great opportunity this is – for both, retailers and consumers – other stores quickly caught up and by the 1990’s, and Black Friday turned into a nationwide sensation.

The UK and Canada were relatively late in joining the Black Friday frenzy; however, it didn’t take too long before the glorious discounts day became the busiest sales day of the year there as well.

Black Friday 2018 In Pakistan

While Black Friday sales are a popular phenomenon all over the world, the trend of post-Thanksgiving shopping frenzy has also hit Pakistan since past couple of years.

Now, every brand in Pakistan gears up for the biggest shopping celebration in the country and announces special offers and sales of products.

Crazy shoppers flock the outlets or hit the online websites to get their hands on the best discounts on their favorite items!

The practice of Black Friday sales in Pakistan first began when online shopping portals saw the potential business and profits of this day online. Consequently, they introduced Black Friday to the internet with lightning deals happening every hour. The concept spread like wildfire to other online retailers worldwide and it absolutely made no sense for Pakistan to be left out.

Brands Facing Black Friday Backlash 

However, there has been an immense backlash on the term ‘Black’ being used for Fridays. Social media has been abuzz with the various views people have. While some believe it has no relevance in Pakistani culture others feel it is un-Islamic to call Friday, ‘Black’.

From Black Friday, the shopping festival is now being called, ‘Blessed’, ‘Big’ and ‘White’ but the discounted deals are still available.

Popular E-commerce websites, Daraz and Yayvo have shifted from Black Friday to Big Friday and White Friday respectively.

Taking in the marketing point of view, a product must be integrated into a foreign culture after thorough research has been carried out. Not only are there various specifications to follow but religious views and beliefs have to be taken into consideration. Calling Friday, ‘Black’ goes against the Pakistani culture and it has therefore received backlash from the masses!

Yayvo Vs Daraz Black Friday Battle

Last year, Yayvo launched White Friday under is Black Friday campaign. This year, it has revealed its sale season to start on 17th of November.

Daraz turned Black Friday to Big Friday in 2017. Let’s see what plan it has for this year. The brand has announced 20 November 2018 as the date for Black Friday Pakistan.

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