The Federation of All Pakistan Universities Academic Staff Association (FAPUASA) has announced a black day protest. On the 30th of May, for all nationwide universities. This is all being done over the significant budget cuts made by the federal governments for the HEC ( Higher Education Commission ).

The council decided to observe a black day on May 30 in all universities and directed academic staff associations to hold meetings and rallies. FAPUASA also plans a sit-in in Islamabad to demand the restoration of the HEC budget.

Response to Unfair Budget Cuts

Budget Cuts Hec

FAPUASA leaders condemned the federal government’s decision. They have been calling it unconstitutional and harmful to higher education. Higher education is vital for the growth and development of Pakistan currently.  They emphasised the need to place budget decisions before the Council of Common Interests (CCI). Moreover, urged the government to allocate funds according to provincial shares.

The federation criticized the government’s prioritization of development projects over addressing the measles outbreak and called for the immediate withdrawal of the budget cut. They demanded an increase in the higher education budget to Rs500 bn in the upcoming federal budget. They have also then warned that failure to do so could lead to the closure of universities nationwide.

The Vice Chancellors Committee urged the federal government to continue supporting universities and requested provincial governments to contribute to university budgets. An emergency meeting chaired by UAF VC Dr. Iqrar Ahmed Khan highlighted the severe impact of the budget cuts on the future of higher education and the financial survival of universities.

The council’s actions do not take into consideration the critical need for adequate funding in higher education. Without proper financial support, universities risk closure, affecting countless students and educators, nationwide. It is essential for the government to reconsider its budget priorities. Plus ensure that education receives the necessary resources to do well and contribute to the nation’s future.

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Mahnoor Rashid
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