Earlier, the value of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin had crossed over $6000 with a sudden rise in value. For almost 8 days, the value remained at $6,183 but then saw a decline and hit $5,800.

However, the value of Bitcoin has once again seen a major rise and now this time, it has crossed their previous record! Now, the currency is valued at $6,306.58.

The currency is facing challenges due to the crackdown in China and it being illegal in many countries around the world, including Pakistan.

Although the currency is not recognised by State Bank of Pakistan and is termed as ‘illegal’, there is a massive scope of investors who are still willing to dive into the currency’s potential, and even potential Altcoin investors as well!

Bitcoin Declared Illegal in Pakistan as Value Surges Even Higher!

According to Freelancer, employers were also looking for people to create new cryptocurrencies and to write proposal plans for technologies employing blockchain — the data structure pioneered by bitcoin.

“People are getting freelancers to design new types of cryptocurrencies,” Matt Barrie, CEO of Freelancer, told CNBC.

According to CNBC, Bitcoin’s popularity has seen ups and downs in recent years, but the cryptocurrency has enjoyed repeated record highs in recent months, breaking above the $6,250 mark on Sunday.

Freelancer.com listed more than 480,000 new jobs in the third quarter and has over 12 million jobs to date with 25 million users, according to the company.