Is Bitcoin Losing its Hold Over the Crypto-Currency Market?


Bitcoin, a controversial ‘crypto’ currency which has put the world in a state of confusion and disbelief.

When the currency started the year, it was worth below $1,000 and with a sudden boom, it started to reach unbelievable milestones!

In no time, the currency reached a value more than 1,500% it started with. However, a sudden decline in its worth raises a serious question, is Bitcoin a doomed currency? Better yet, is Bitcoin losing its dominance over the market?

According to, the currency was holding 90% of the market when it was growing rapidly. However, following March onwards, the currency somehow became volatile. Calculating its hold on the market in December, it now only dominates 42%.

Courtesy: CoinMarketCap

We are yet to see what happens to the currency during the remaining days of the year and see how it manages to survive in 2018.

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