biryani raita
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The Biryani with or without aloo has come to a rest as another debate sparks. Tell us, do you have your biryani with or without RAITA?

Biryani – Uniting or Disuniting?

Biryani has been a major force of unison in Pakistan and overall desi households. There’s nothing a big plate of it can not fix. However, are you noticing how Biryani has also become a huge force of disunity? First, it’s the fuss over aloo or no aloo, then the Lahore vs. Karachi biryani and now it’s the raita issue!

Aloo Got Lost in The Mail

The aloo is an innocent piece that has been rejected by many and loved by many. Some will die defending its place in a biryani while others get worked up just hearing the name of it. The debate is surely as old as time but the saddest part is that we never found an answer to it!

Raita – The New Avenger

Now there is a new avenger on the block and it’s an exciting feat we are witnessing. A debate on Twitter was sparked over whether raita is essential with a plate of biryani or not.

The response is incredible and truly characteristic of Pakistanis. Here’s what people are saying!

Will The Real Side Please Stand Up?

Can the real legitimate side to a biryani please stand up? A raita, in our humble opinion, is what makes biryani, biryani! It’s also just as loveable as aloos to be honest, make it in any which way you want. Be it with vegetables, with mint, with just zeera… the list goes on and so does our love for it.

biryani raita
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If you have a steaming hot plate of biryani but don’t have raita to simmer the spice levels, chances are your biryani is not as spicy. And that, our friends, is a sign of a weak biryani.

Aloo, Raita, City- What’s Next

There are three major issues in the biryani debate which have been discussed at length. What is going to be next? We’ll take your guesses but ours is of colour!

biryani raita
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In most biryanis, an additive colour is added to give it that gorgeous sheen of mustard/yellow that we love to see. Without it, a biryani is essentially speckled with white and yellow. Now there may be some who love that too but like anything, there will be haters. Are you ready for a new fight to go down?

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