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We love eating food, and we love dining out but ever since COVID lockdown was imposed only very limited options were available. Now that we are witnessing some relaxation in dining out, any place that is open and affordable is the highlight of everyone’s life. The biryani restaurant in Liaquatabad, Karachi, was one such place.

Liaquatabad Biryani Restaurant

However, the staff at the restaurant beat up the customer when he went to the counter to ask for his money back. Apparently, the customer had been waiting for a long time and he just did not want to continue much further. Probably exhausted by the number of customers or the fact that a canceled order would reflect in the staff’s salary, the worker beat the customer up.

Later when the divisional officer visited the scene, there was no trace of any weapon or stolen items being implicated on the injured citizens.

The event happened on Friday but it took the police some time to take notice of it. In fact, it was after the CCTV footage went public. After that, the police booked the restaurant owner. This goes to indicate that the staff did this on the indication of the owner. The owner has run away and is in hiding so the police were not able to take him into custody.

Another violent incident in Karachi

There is yet another horrible incident in Karachi. Apparently, the police opened fire and injured two citizens. An internal inquiry by the police led to the arrest of four personnel. These policemen, according to the department, opened fire on alleged burglars when they did not stop when being asked to.

It seems that the unpredictable weather is getting to the Karachiites. The uncertainty of the Karachi rains is keeping everyone agitated. Hopefully, everything will work out once it rains and the consequences are not as dire as last year.

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