Climate Change Minister Sherry Rehman, along with National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) Chairman Lt General Inam Haider Malik has just now provided an update on the close approaching cyclone Biparjoy during a joint media briefing. She announced the suspension of commercial flight operations as the cyclone draws closer to the country.

Minister Sherry Rehman reassured the public that authorities are working diligently to prepare for the cyclone and advised against panic and chaos. Public safety remains the government’s top priority, she emphasized. Additionally, she has also urged people to avoid coastal areas and announced that an advisory for small ships would be issued soon.

Image Source: Dawn

Current Position Of The Cyclone 

The cyclone, currently positioned at latitude 21.9°N and longitude 66.3°E, has shifted slightly away from Karachi but is still heading towards the coastline. Winds are reaching speeds of 140km per hour, forcing the authorities to 75 relief camps and the evacuation of people from vulnerable areas that are in the danger zone where the cyclone will impact, according to the Sindh government.

NDMA Chairman Inam Haider Malik warned of the potential for urban flooding in Karachi and reported the relocation of 62,000 individuals to safer locations. Small aircraft flights have already been halted, and a decision regarding commercial flights will be made in an upcoming meeting.

Image Source: City of Black River Falls

Precautionary Measures 

Precautionary measures, including continuous information sharing with relevant institutions, are being taken to address the situation. A data bank has been compiled to track the relocated population, and further migration may be necessary if additional areas become submerged. With the approaching cyclone Biparjoy, Minister Sherry Rehman and NDMA Chairman Malik reiterated the importance of public safety and the government’s commitment to protecting lives.

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