Bill Gate said to switch to Beef
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There are people in life who always move from one place to another. It does not mean they are not stable; rather they like to explore options. If you have been in one place for too long, there is also nothing wrong with that either. It all boils down to whether you feel comfortable in an environment or not. It matters whether you wish to move onto something new or are you good with the current.

Similarly, people often take different paths in their professional lives. We shall talk of a personality today and news related to them. We refer, here, to Bill Gates. He is someone who went from the CEO of a tech company to a global health pursuer in a matter of years. He now looks towards how climate change is affecting the world and how actions in the world affect climate. He wrote a book!

Cattle and switch to synthetic by Bill Gates
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Taking Care Of Mother Nature:

As tenants on this world, it comes down to us to take care of it. We cannot cause destruction as it pleases because we are not the only inhabitants on the planet. Too much pollution not only affects us but animals and plants too. You don’t want to be part of the generation that made Earth a barren wasteland. So what do we do? We come up with ways we can prevent severe climate change.

Planting more and more trees is a prime way to deal with this issue. Coming up with healthier alternatives to everyday things is yet another solution. Many people are in pursuit of this goal and Bill Gates is one of them. He recently released a book in which he talks about how climate change is a severe problem. He then goes on to state another solution that has received quite a lot of backlash on the internet!

The Statement:

In his book, he pointed out that Animals release methane into the atmosphere and this is causing a problem. He went on to say that ‘Rich Countries’ should make a complete switch towards synthetic beef. This beef will be 100% synthetic and everyone ought to say goodbye to real meat. While it may be an innovative solution, it may not be the most practical one. There are people who use lemongrass or seaweed in the livestock diet to reduce this emission. This is solution which is being readily seen.

However, Bill Gate has opened an invitation to quite a lot of roasting online! A lot of people have expressed their opinion as to switching to beef. While this may not be the most practical solution, plant based diets are becoming more and more common every day.

Alternatives To Meat:

We are seeing quite a lot of alternatives, to meat, these days. Just yesterday, the writer of this article came upon the manufacture of fish and chips, but the fish is made with synthetic methods. We hope we are able to save the planet from long term destruction and leave it better for the next generation.

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