Actor Bilal Qureshi in his recent podcast interview discussed an old controversy and shared why he thinks actresses must dress appropriately.

Bilal Qureshi’s Opinion On Style

Addressing an old comment about actresses wearing revealing clothes at awards shows the actor emphasized the importance of adhering to and respecting cultural norms. Bilal mentioned that he was not talking from a religious point of view but rather refrained from delving into a religious debate. Meanwhile, emphasizes that one can exude beauty and grace while wearing modest clothing, while citing examples of his wife, Uroosa Qureshi, and sisters, noting their elegant appearance without revealing skin.

 ‘I like covered clothes as compared to expensive clothes. While it’s a personal choice, I would humbly request the actresses in our industry, don’t need to wear revealing clothes, neither is it a part of our culture and tradition. I’m not talking from a religious perspective. We as celebrities have a social responsibility and we have people especially teenagers looking up to us.’

Here’s the full interview:

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He further added, ‘Whatever we do and say it should be inspiring positively. It’s not a part of cultural norms.’

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Bilal discussed an incident where a fellow actress was troubled by criticism after posting a picture in revealing attire. Bilal advised her that posting such content initially might invite unwarranted criticism, emphasizing that while criticism for such matters is unjust, revealing clothing contradicts cultural norms, making criticism inevitable.

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