Bilal Maqsood, in a recent podcast video, reveals what led to the disbandment of the band Strings and why taking such a big decision was made easy by COVID-19.

Bilal Maqsood X Strings 

While discussing the decision to end the band, Bilal shared that it was always a firm decision of both of the singers to stop the band at the peak of their careers. Further adding that COVID made that decision much easier.

‘Faysal and I had always thought that we would never end strings by dragging it and giving it a slow death. For us strings always had a huge meaning. Strings’s respect is way more important and big than me and Faysal.’ 

‘Even though we never knew when we would hit the peak of our career, we had decided that we would end the band at the peak of our career rather than dragging and ruining the name of our band.’ He added.

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Did COVID End Strings Band?

Bilal, later, shared how COVID-19 impacted the music industry and their decision to end the band once and for all. According to him, Faysal had suggested taking a break for two years, however, Bilal wanted to terminate the band rather than go on a break. The decision says Bilal was taken in a matter of five seconds.

‘Covid hit and when everything was shut down for almost two years, covid made it easier for us to finalize our decision. One day we were sitting down and we both had hit fifty by that time. Faysal said that why not take a break for two years. I on the other hand suggested that why not just quit the band and hence the decision to end the 33-year partnership was taken just within five seconds.’ He said

He later added that the decision was taken in light of the uncertainty of the situation and how times would’ve changed after a break of two years adding that Faysal fully agreed to the decision without having second thoughts.

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