Pakistanis are rapidly embracing the advancements in telecom solutions to take advantage of the latest transformation of the world. The advancement of technology is improving the lives and performance of citizens by providing connectivity to the developed world and nurturing global competitiveness.

Recently, Google revealed that diverse genres of ‘Movies’ are among the Top-Trends in Internet-searches from Pakistan. These findings show the cultural inspirations, creative interests, and progressive thinking of the country’s digital audience.

The insights demonstrated that Pakistanis are thrilled by both local and international movies that feature diverse subjects and expressions like; Heroic courage, World-History, Political-intrigue, Fantasy, Love, Action and achievements.

The blockbuster movies being searched include: some sensational Hollywood flicks like ‘Oppenheimer’: a historic movie about the creation of the world’s first atomic bomb. This intriguing and intellectually stimulating movie is enriched with powerful acting, emotions, and entertainment, so the Pakistani audience is loving it.

‘Barbie’ is another imaginative and exciting flick that has kept Pakistanis spell-bound with its spectacular visual-effects, costumes, and music.  Besides these, ‘John Wick-4’ and Extraction-2 have recently been the most popular Hollywood movies too.

The Pakistani audience is also fervently exploring the virtual world, to search for some Indian action, comedy and suspense films like: ‘Jawan’. ‘Pathan’ is another flick in which Shah Rukh Khan stars as an Indian agent. Other popular movies being watched online in Pakistan include; ‘Tiger-3’ (starring Salman Khan), ‘Farzi’ (featuring Shahid Kapoor), ‘Gadar-2’ (Action Thriller with Sunny Deol), and ‘Carry on Jatta-3’.

These trends echo the aspirations of the people and the impact of a global culture on our society and the region. These online explorations also show the emerging traditions, positive outlook, and rich values of the country.