Body positivity could well be the runaway beauty trend of the decade, and the latest feature getting some good old fashioned social media love is… the nose.

Big noses have been trending online for the past few days, ever since British journalist Radhika Sanghani sparked up the #sideprofileselfie movement with an article for Grazia.

Explaining that she had spent her “whole life hiding from a side-profile photograph,” Sanghani’s hashtag is encouraging women to take (and post) selfies side-on to display their noses, be they roman, hooked, bumpy or dainty, in all their glory.

The movement aims to break the beauty taboo of being a woman with a prominent beak in the modern age of plastic surgery and digital retouching.

As a result, the hashtag has now reached 8 million globally, according to an Instagram update from Sanghani, with hundreds of social media users taking to Twitter and Instagram to celebrate their side profiles and backing the sentiment that big noses are beautiful.

The #sideprofileselfie is the latest in a long line of body positive trends to go viral on social media, following on from prolific campaigns to normalize and appreciate everything from big thighs to stretch marks.